In Time…

Imagine a world where time replaces everything- money,assets and life. You pay in ‘time’, earn time and you accumulate time. The more time you have, the longer you live. So, you know how long it will be before you die and the the time left for you to save your own life or those of other people. The movie ‘ In Time’ deals with this idea.

This is not going to be a review of any kind, but, my views on the idea.

You have a hundred years to live and you have a count of every second,minute,hour,day,month and year in your hundred years. The knowledge of your life span will make your life disastrous.  You’ll spend your life counting away the hundred years or thinking of ways to earn more ‘time’.

'Tick- Tock' That's the sound of your life running out.

So, it is important to live ‘today’ to the fullest, cherishing every moment , sharing the thoughts, feelings you wanted to, but couldn’t as you were too hesitant. You’ll soon forget the things you’ve achieved, the grades you’ve scored, but,  the happy experiences and memories with your friends and family will linger in your minds forever.

(Guess it’s high time I go and study)

#The Pussy Guy

I’ve always wanted to use the following puns but the opportunity just didn’t present itself, until now. I’m a beginner at puns, so bear with me. Here goes.

“In ‘In Time’, time is money. Literally.” #Time is Money – quote by Benjamin Franklin

Good one, right? No? Not to worry, the next one is better. I swear. May God strike down on everything I own if it isn’t. Minus my laptop. And my cellphone. And my guitar. Okay.

” ‘In Time’ gives a new definition for ‘time on your hands’. ”

Get it? It’s funny ’cause they have time ticking on their hands. You’ve gotta agree that that is a good one. If you didn’t get it, you didn’t see the movie. So it isn’t a bad punning on my part. Oh I still have everything i own. So..

#That One Guy Who

Since this post just drifted into puns,i thought it wouldn’t be fair if i didn’t contribute my share!

Reading this article,I just witnessed time travel . Dammit! It was a 2100 rupees worth watch!
Good one isn’t it? No? Then you guys haven’t understood the ‘gravity’ of that pun,that’s why you couldn’t put it ‘up’ in your head! 😛
Whaat? Angry at me for all these puns? Feel like throwing something at me? Make sure it is a ‘soft’ drink. 😉

Enough for now! 😀

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Tech Fun!!…

Each person has their own pass time during the study holidays other than studying(well…. except for obvious exceptions as mentioned by our friend that one guy who…), but for people like me study holidays= time for movies!!.. and yeah then.. u guessd it right.. i did see a movie: Die Hard 4.0.. for like the fifth time i guess.. its jus one of those movies where the good guy(here a cop) is taunted by the bad guy(here a computer geek) through out the film and in the end the good guy kicks the hell outta the bad guy… so wth is sooo different abt this movie??… well… cause for one thing villainous(nonetheless hot!) Mai (played by Maggie Q) beats up John Maclane(for a change) and the other it involves kick ass computer technology and stuff!!…

Die Hard 4.0

So for the those who haven’t seen the movie or those who chose to forget about it.. the basic story revolves around this guy, by the name Thomas Gabriel, who gets kicked outta the US Department of Defence for pointing out security flaws in their systems by hacking into NSA(for those who are thinking “wtf?” : Its pretty similar to walking right into the Oval Office :p) using just a laptop with internet connectivity. Hmmm… Guess everyone would have figured out the rest of the story by now. But, what is so stunning about the revenge he takes, is the amount of computer tech involved!
The concept of fire sale, which has been their for quite sometime, was blown out of proportion with this film. Though it has never been successfully carried out on any government, it is hypothetically said to consists of 3 steps:
1. taking control of a country’s transportation
2. taking control of telecommunications systems of the country
3. taking control of financial and utilities infrastructure systems

The reason why it has not been carried out yet is simply because of the lack of infrastructure, both on the hacker’s side(as in due to lack of funds) and on the government’s side(as in india, most of the operations are not even computerised yet, forget about having a centralised server units).

So, this brings us to the question: what is the closest that our world has gotten compared to the “die hard 4.0 scenario”?
1. A computer worm “stuxnet” infected many of the Iranian nuclear power plants and could have potentially blown them up if the Iranian experts hadn’t found out its presence.
2. China’s cyber war on the US government is the closest it can get!!. Everyday there are thousands of infiltrations by the chinese on US Systems. The latest infiltration, which involved some three million accounts being compromised at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The Chinese have comprised every single facet of US government computer systems in one way or another.

This brings us to a future where wars won’t be fought by soldiers on the battle field but by geeks sitting infront of the computer causing havoc from a distance.

Now then, Who wouldn’t want to be a geek? 😉

The evil smile!!..

#The ThatFellow

Train Of Thought

It’s the week before the final exams. You’ve finally opened your book through a great deal of determination. You’ve very little idea about whats in the book. You want to are forced to study. But it isn’t that easy. Your mind starts wandering off to the most distant of places possible. I am sure this happens to most students, except, you know, that one guy/girl with no life. There’s one in every class. You know whom I’m talking about. Yeah. Him.

Well, in any case, here’s my train of thought. I opened my book late in the night and I figured that I can finsh off a chapter in 2 hours just in time for my sleep. I turned to “Lasers” chapter. The first thought that entered my mind was Lightsabers from Star Wars. Yes, that laser sword thing. All I could think about was that awesome movie with those epic laser-sword fighting. Not to forget about Master Yoda’s (that little green guy, for those who don’t know) scrambled english. It’s like those jumbled sentences you had in your primary english school papers. That fun moment when you successfully unscramble the sentence and read it as a whole. “Planet Horwath find him you will. Help require you might. Go now.”

Now my mind cut across to the villian. Darth Vader. That tall guy clad in armor? I’ll put in a picture just so you know about whom I’m talkin. Well, that guy was constructing this huge planet out of metal (called Death Star). I remembered feeling sad as i saw Luke Skywalker (the hero) destroy that awesome structure within a matter of minutes. I mean, what was the black guy thinking?  “Oh, let’s make this awesome huge metal planet but, just for fun, we’ll leave a huge gaping hole in the middle leading to it’s core, so that Luke can destroy my hard work and end the movie on a happy note.”

Suddenly, I snapped back to reality. I checked the time and realised that I had daydreamed for about an hour. AN HOUR. I hadn’t read a single page yet and an hour had passed. I had just 60 minutes left. I have just 60 minutes left?

“Hello Guy. I want to play a game. …You have just 60 minutes left. Live or die, make your choice. Tick tock goes the clock.”  #Saw movie series

Well, there goes another hour of my time.

True story.

P.S. I hope I have ruined “Lasers” chapter for you. If, at all, you have it.

#That One Guy Who


I walked to the rear end of the bus. I could see several eyes watching mine and their stare pierced right through my head. I was reminded of the innumerable tamil movies wherein two pairs of eyes met followed by an instant spark and a happy ending. However reality struck and I realized this was just a beginning of what was going to be a  very long, first year of college.

Wikipedia defines ragging as ‘a practice in educational institutions that involves existing students baiting or bullying new students’. It is hard difficult to believe ragging is confined to the education sphere. I’m sure people experience ragging at work too. However, I shall stick to ragging in educational instituions.

All izz well !

What motivates or inspires ragging:

  •  The seniors just run out of ways to spend their time. Tasks put forward by these seniors:

-> The newcomers are asked to threaten their fellow freshers with an engineering drafter assuming it to be a machine-gun and go  ‘ boom-boom’.
The senior students don’t realize that they are helping the freshers realize their childhood dream of being a cop or a soldier.

Hands in the air !

-> Dance for an item-number such as Sheila ki Jawani or any such song from a Bollywood movie.

A sizzling number.

  •  The Chain. Here, I would like to define something called the ‘Chain’. Most serial killers experienced emotional or physical abuse as a child. So, once they grow up they acquire obsessive-compulsive disorder and can’t help transferring their pain and trauma to others. This keeps going in a cycle like a ‘chain’. In a similar fashion, the senior students have their fresher years in mind and rag their juniors hoping to inflict the same embarrassment.
  •  There are some arrogant juniors who claim superiority or show-off in the presence of the senior students. This calls for some serious trouble.
  •  Some freshers don’t follow this famous policy of ‘ Give respect and take respect ‘ -as quoted in several Tamil films. These students demand respect, not caring to offer some. Now, this requires some treatment.

Tips for:

1. Senior students:

Try being nice to your amateur friends. Many freshers have trouble with this subject called ‘Engineering Graphics’. So take some trouble in explaining the various concepts involved in this subject. Don’t care about the content. Take a textbook and just reproduce the text verbally. You can blabber giving real-life examples. Your troubled juniors will nod their heads as if they have mastered the subject all of a sudden. These freshers will go around your college spreading your fame. Now, you have the authority to ask your juniors to do your record work.

2. Freshers:

Avoid the spotlight. I know you are super-cool and awesome, but, please lie low. Watch out for extremely jobless and bossy seniors. Avoid eye contact. Keep away from seniors populated areas such as the canteens, football grounds, etc,.

These are just tips for freshers and seniors to get into the good books of each other.
However, students searching for fame don’t care to follow these tips.

College life without these experiences is dull.
It’s your decision- Break the ‘Chain’ or keep it running.
#The Pussy Guy