In Time…

Imagine a world where time replaces everything- money,assets and life. You pay in ‘time’, earn time and you accumulate time. The more time you have, the longer you live. So, you know how long it will be before you die and the the time left for you to save your own life or those of other people. The movie ‘ In Time’ deals with this idea.

This is not going to be a review of any kind, but, my views on the idea.

You have a hundred years to live and you have a count of every second,minute,hour,day,month and year in your hundred years. The knowledge of your life span will make your life disastrous.  You’ll spend your life counting away the hundred years or thinking of ways to earn more ‘time’.

'Tick- Tock' That's the sound of your life running out.

So, it is important to live ‘today’ to the fullest, cherishing every moment , sharing the thoughts, feelings you wanted to, but couldn’t as you were too hesitant. You’ll soon forget the things you’ve achieved, the grades you’ve scored, but,  the happy experiences and memories with your friends and family will linger in your minds forever.

(Guess it’s high time I go and study)

#The Pussy Guy

I’ve always wanted to use the following puns but the opportunity just didn’t present itself, until now. I’m a beginner at puns, so bear with me. Here goes.

“In ‘In Time’, time is money. Literally.” #Time is Money – quote by Benjamin Franklin

Good one, right? No? Not to worry, the next one is better. I swear. May God strike down on everything I own if it isn’t. Minus my laptop. And my cellphone. And my guitar. Okay.

” ‘In Time’ gives a new definition for ‘time on your hands’. ”

Get it? It’s funny ’cause they have time ticking on their hands. You’ve gotta agree that that is a good one. If you didn’t get it, you didn’t see the movie. So it isn’t a bad punning on my part. Oh I still have everything i own. So..

#That One Guy Who

Since this post just drifted into puns,i thought it wouldn’t be fair if i didn’t contribute my share!

Reading this article,I just witnessed time travel . Dammit! It was a 2100 rupees worth watch!
Good one isn’t it? No? Then you guys haven’t understood the ‘gravity’ of that pun,that’s why you couldn’t put it ‘up’ in your head! 😛
Whaat? Angry at me for all these puns? Feel like throwing something at me? Make sure it is a ‘soft’ drink. 😉

Enough for now! 😀

# The ‘PJ’ er


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