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Each person has their own pass time during the study holidays other than studying(well…. except for obvious exceptions as mentioned by our friend that one guy who…), but for people like me study holidays= time for movies!!.. and yeah then.. u guessd it right.. i did see a movie: Die Hard 4.0.. for like the fifth time i guess.. its jus one of those movies where the good guy(here a cop) is taunted by the bad guy(here a computer geek) through out the film and in the end the good guy kicks the hell outta the bad guy… so wth is sooo different abt this movie??… well… cause for one thing villainous(nonetheless hot!) Mai (played by Maggie Q) beats up John Maclane(for a change) and the other it involves kick ass computer technology and stuff!!…

Die Hard 4.0

So for the those who haven’t seen the movie or those who chose to forget about it.. the basic story revolves around this guy, by the name Thomas Gabriel, who gets kicked outta the US Department of Defence for pointing out security flaws in their systems by hacking into NSA(for those who are thinking “wtf?” : Its pretty similar to walking right into the Oval Office :p) using just a laptop with internet connectivity. Hmmm… Guess everyone would have figured out the rest of the story by now. But, what is so stunning about the revenge he takes, is the amount of computer tech involved!
The concept of fire sale, which has been their for quite sometime, was blown out of proportion with this film. Though it has never been successfully carried out on any government, it is hypothetically said to consists of 3 steps:
1. taking control of a country’s transportation
2. taking control of telecommunications systems of the country
3. taking control of financial and utilities infrastructure systems

The reason why it has not been carried out yet is simply because of the lack of infrastructure, both on the hacker’s side(as in due to lack of funds) and on the government’s side(as in india, most of the operations are not even computerised yet, forget about having a centralised server units).

So, this brings us to the question: what is the closest that our world has gotten compared to the “die hard 4.0 scenario”?
1. A computer worm “stuxnet” infected many of the Iranian nuclear power plants and could have potentially blown them up if the Iranian experts hadn’t found out its presence.
2. China’s cyber war on the US government is the closest it can get!!. Everyday there are thousands of infiltrations by the chinese on US Systems. The latest infiltration, which involved some three million accounts being compromised at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The Chinese have comprised every single facet of US government computer systems in one way or another.

This brings us to a future where wars won’t be fought by soldiers on the battle field but by geeks sitting infront of the computer causing havoc from a distance.

Now then, Who wouldn’t want to be a geek? 😉

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