Train Of Thought

It’s the week before the final exams. You’ve finally opened your book through a great deal of determination. You’ve very little idea about whats in the book. You want to are forced to study. But it isn’t that easy. Your mind starts wandering off to the most distant of places possible. I am sure this happens to most students, except, you know, that one guy/girl with no life. There’s one in every class. You know whom I’m talking about. Yeah. Him.

Well, in any case, here’s my train of thought. I opened my book late in the night and I figured that I can finsh off a chapter in 2 hours just in time for my sleep. I turned to “Lasers” chapter. The first thought that entered my mind was Lightsabers from Star Wars. Yes, that laser sword thing. All I could think about was that awesome movie with those epic laser-sword fighting. Not to forget about Master Yoda’s (that little green guy, for those who don’t know) scrambled english. It’s like those jumbled sentences you had in your primary english school papers. That fun moment when you successfully unscramble the sentence and read it as a whole. “Planet Horwath find him you will. Help require you might. Go now.”

Now my mind cut across to the villian. Darth Vader. That tall guy clad in armor? I’ll put in a picture just so you know about whom I’m talkin. Well, that guy was constructing this huge planet out of metal (called Death Star). I remembered feeling sad as i saw Luke Skywalker (the hero) destroy that awesome structure within a matter of minutes. I mean, what was the black guy thinking?  “Oh, let’s make this awesome huge metal planet but, just for fun, we’ll leave a huge gaping hole in the middle leading to it’s core, so that Luke can destroy my hard work and end the movie on a happy note.”

Suddenly, I snapped back to reality. I checked the time and realised that I had daydreamed for about an hour. AN HOUR. I hadn’t read a single page yet and an hour had passed. I had just 60 minutes left. I have just 60 minutes left?

“Hello Guy. I want to play a game. …You have just 60 minutes left. Live or die, make your choice. Tick tock goes the clock.”  #Saw movie series

Well, there goes another hour of my time.

True story.

P.S. I hope I have ruined “Lasers” chapter for you. If, at all, you have it.

#That One Guy Who